Mon, 15 Apr 2024 04:44:38 -0800
Mon, 15 Apr 2024 04:44:38 -0800

Pure Felinity

Adirondack Longhair

General: The Adirondack Longhair is named after the region they inhabit. Found primarily in the Adirondack Mountains in the northeastern part of New York, they have been seen as far as thousands of miles away. Their long coats help protect them during frigid winters sometimes with plummeting temperatures of -2 degrees! In the wild, they hunt mice, birds, and other small animals such as squirrels and rabbits. At home, they can be very affectionate to their humans on their time. They are very independent and love being outside and active. Although, on rainy days, they tend to be inside.
Breed creator: player #166379
Date added: 2021-01-01
Body type: semi-cobby (8)
Body size: medium (14)
Head shape: rounded wedge (12)
Ears: medium size, straight (11)
Nose: medium length (10)
Eyes: almond-shaped (16)
Eye colors: blue, hazel, grey-green, orange, bronze
Coat: Longhair, with or without satin
Tail: normal
Legs: normal
Colors: Any mackerel tabby. Rufusing and ghostmarking not allowed.

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