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Pure Felinity

Please read the Terms of Service carefully and make sure you accept all of them before you play. If you violate the Terms of Service in any way, you must be prepared to face the consequences. This might include being banned from the site immediately, and your account(s) being restricted, closed, or frozen. Any offenses are handled by the Moderators or the Administrator of this site, who will use their own judgement to deal with each case on an individual basis.


  • Pure Felinity ("", "the game") is a virtual cat game. The cats, money and events in this game are only virtual (imaginary) and do not exist in the real world, only on this website.
  • Everything you can do in the game is a privilege, not a right. I reserve the right to restrict or take away some or all of those privileges if I see the need to for any reason without any explanation. This includes, but is not limited to, action taken against a player who violates the Terms of Service.
  • I reserve the right to shut down or limit access to the game for any length of time for any reason. I am not obligated to reimburse any players in any way, be it real or virtual money, or anything else. I also reserve the right to make changes to the site, the code, or the concept of the game at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, the point system, the amount of game money a player receives, and player privileges.
  • I reserve the right to make changes to the Terms of Service at any time. If you sign up for an account, you must agree to all of the Terms of Service. If you do not agree to the Terms of Service, you must stop using this site immediately. If you violate the Terms of Service in any way, you must be prepared to face the consequences. This might include being banned from the site immediately, and your account(s) being restricted, closed, or frozen.
  • The images, text, and code of this site belong to Pure Felinity. You agree not to plagiarize, steal, or otherwise pilfer any of these materials without the sole permission of me, the owner.
  • This website is moderated, and I request language and discussions be kept to a G rating and to a level of explicitness appropriate for a 13-year-old. However, I accept no responsibility for anything potentially harmful that may be posted to the public forums or sent via private messages. Inappropriate content and links are deleted, but could be seen before a Moderator has a chance to delete said content.

  • Restrictions

  • You must be 13 years or older to create an account, in compliance with COPPA guidelines. Any player found to be under 13 years of age will be required to leave.
  • You are not allowed to use, or have the ability to access more than two accounts at a time. If you ever make a new account, you may NOT transfer anything from your old account to your new one (or the other way round), and if you are caught doing so, you risk being banned permanently from the site! If you DO want to transfer anything, please contact a Mod and explain your situation and why you need the new account, and they may be able to help you with the transfer, depending on the situation. Once you have abandoned an account (using the "abandon" function on the options page) and it is frozen, it is lost to you and you will not be able to get it back. If you are found creating new accounts frequently, you may be restricted from doing so. Making a new account in an attempt to hide previous TOS violations is not allowed.
  • Sharing passwords or accounts is done at your own risk! If you share an account with someone, none of you may exceed the two accounts limit. That means your shared account also counts towards your limit! Anything done on your account (shared or not) is your responsibility. It is also your responsibility to keep your login information safe! Claims of someone else hacking or sneaking into your account will not exempt you from this responsibility.
  • If you share a computer or internet connection, (that means more than one person logging into PF from any Internet-connected device (PC/laptop/phone etc.) in your house), you are required to message a Moderator with first initials, account numbers, and ages of all people playing from your location. Failure to do so may result in accounts being frozen. The same applies if you use a public computer (school, library, etc.). This is only done so the Moderators are aware of the fact that more than two accounts might appear on your connection!
  • No player may use another player's account benefits. This includes temporarily holding moody cats for another player so that the other player can SAP another cat (or cats), use of tokens on others' cats, use of others' breeding slots, and all other account benefits. This does not include improving the health of shelter cats through the use of tokens, or buying SAP-ready cats.
    Players may work together on a breed and trade cats and kittens as they wish, but each player should have their own distinct goals within the joint project. Players may not require another player to do a specific breeding with the express purpose of buying back one or more of the kittens, as this would constitute using the other player's breeding slot. For the avoidance of doubt, it is fine to buy kittens from a cat you have bred as long as you did not request the mating or sell the cat on condition that a kitten would be sold back to you.
    Breeding slots are not interchangeable, so two or more players cannot pool their weekly breeding slots together to spread out amongst each other. Each player may only use their allocated breeding slots for their own goals, and never with the sole purpose of benefiting their breeding partner or other players. If after breeding a cat and birthing a litter you decide that you do not wish to keep one or more of the kittens, then you may offer the resulting kittens for sale, but never before.
    If a player approaches you to request that you breed a cat for them, then you must report it as soon as possible to the Modbox, with details of the message that was sent to you and the player’s name or player number. (This does not include a player informing you about a cat that you may wish to use to meet your own individual goals.)
    For more details and examples, please see the "sticky" posts in Help forum.
  • The use of any scripts to play the game is strictly prohibited. A script is defined here as any program outside of the site and domain of, written in any language, including, but not limited to, Javascript, CGI, PHP, PERL, or ASP, and accesses member areas of this site.
  • Violation of copyright law is not permitted. Do not use or link to any content for which you do not own the copyright, unless you have and can provide upon request WRITTEN permission from the ORIGINAL CREATOR of the content.
  • Racist, abusive, pornographic, obscene, or offensive material, or material that is illegal or infringes on any person's rights, may not be uploaded, linked, or referenced on this site.
  • Cheating or scamming in any form is not permitted.
  • Proxies and anonymity routers are not a safe way to connect to PF. We reserve the right to ban proxies and anonymity routers, especially those that are a source of multiple unexplained accounts.

  • Rules

  • You are required to be an active player if you want to trade game currencies, or if you want to post links to other websites in the forum. Active players must be engaged in breeding, showing, and/or caring for cats, and must have done so for a minimum of 14 consecutive days.
  • Any errors in the code ("bugs") must be reported immediately using the contact form. Exploitation or abuse of bugs is a violation of these Terms of Service.
  • Report any player who scams, cheats, or otherwise breaks the rules via the contact form, including a detailed explanation.
  • A user is not allowed to harass, threaten, spam, or insult other users in any way.
  • Once you have sold a cat in the game, you have no say over what happens to it. You may have contracts or requirements for selling your cats, but you do not have the right to attempt to enforce said requirements.
  • Trading game currency between virtual pet games is permitted only as long as the other game allows trading also. Trading for real life money or items that cost real life money on other games is not permitted.
  • Do not spam other players in messages or on the forums. Spam includes excessive thread 'bumping', and repeating the same thread or reply multiple times. It also includes sending unsolicited private messages where there is no reason to believe the other player would be interested in the topic of the message, for instance, advertising cats to players who have not previously shown an interest in the type of cat you are trying to sell.
  • It is strongly suggested that you read the Help and FAQ pages, as well as the guideline "sticky" posts in the forums, BEFORE seeking help from other players or the Moderators or Administrator.
  • Obey directions from Moderators. If you feel the Moderator's behavior is inappropriate, do what you are told and then use the contact form to contact the administrator.
  • Show entries cannot be restricted by anything other than title. Do not attempt to restrict shows in any other way.
  • If a player's choice of gameplay does not violate the Terms of Service, you may not criticize them in any way. There are multiple possible goals on Pure Felinity, and multiple methods of obtaining goals. If you feel a player's choice of gameplay is a violation of the Terms, please contact a Moderator.
  • Post in the correct forum. If you are unsure, please read forum descriptions or ask a Moderator.