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Pure Felinity

Cayuga Ruffle

General: The Cayuga Ruffle was named for Cayuga Lake, but also called the Itha-cat from their hometown of Ithaca in upstate New York. A small population of feral cats appeared on the Cornell campus one May. Various staff members would feed them, but the return of students in August and the upcoming New York winter meant that the cats had to be taken off the streets and into local homes. These cats were the original Cayuga Ruffles. The Cayuga Ruffle is noted for having its distinctive curly coat. Temperament-wise, they are easygoing, independent cats used to the self-sufficient lifestyle of the feral cat. They are comfortable with change and are considered to be good cats for people with dogs or kids for this reason. They are also unusually comfortable with water, like the lake they were named for.
Breed creator: player #99040
Date added: 2013-03-01
Body type: semi-foreign (12)
Body size: big (16)
Head shape: oval (8)
Ears: large, straight (20)
Nose: short (6)
Eyes: almond-shaped (15)
Eye colors: blue, aqua, green
Coat: shorthair wirehair, no satin, Rex I, Rex II, Rex III, and LaPerm allowed
Tail: normal
Legs: normal
Colors: tabby with whitespotting; silver and rufusing allowed; nothing else allowed

Current number of Cayuga Ruffle cats in game: [21]

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