Sat, 25 May 2024 21:12:08 -0800
Sat, 25 May 2024 21:12:08 -0800

Pure Felinity


General: Damianos (plural Damianoi) descend from the diminutive and dauntless landrace cats that roam Greece, from whom they inherit a diversity of shapes and colours. Intelligent and empathetic, their delightful personalities make them a dream to have around, and a life-changing addition to your family.
Breed creator: player #111148
Date added: 2024-05-01
Body type: semi-cobby (9)
Body size: small (2)
Head shape: rounded wedge (12)
Ears: small, any (2)
Nose: short (8)
Eyes: round (3)
Eye colors: any
Coat: any except LaPerm, rex III and wirehair
Tail: any
Legs: any
Colors: any

Current number of Damianos cats in game: [42]

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