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Pure Felinity


General: A long time ago, Bridgette, a beautiful, attention-loving Pufffy Munchkin lived with a kind, rich lady. Bridgette was showered with affection and thoroughly spoilt. One day, however, Bridgette got into trouble with her mistress' maid and was scolded. Scared, Bridgette decided to run away. Eventually she wandered into the woods where she met an adorable, tailless male stray. The two romped and played for hours. Two months later, Bridgette gave birth to four gorgeous kittens. These cats were almost completely Puffy Munchkins. However, there was one slight difference: the kittens had either bobtails or were tailless. For many generations, the cats flourished and thrived. Living in the woods, their numbers rapidly increased. Today, many cat breeders and pet owners welcome this breed, now known as the Ezra, into their homes and catteries. While cute, their appearance is far from the only merit of the breed. Ezras inherited the attention and affection loving nature of Bridgette, making them wonderful family pets. And from the stray in the woods, they hold a unique sense of pride, curiosity, and adventure, causing them to be independent and low maintenance.
Breed creator: player #37500 player #51755
Date added: 2006-06-20
Body type: semi-cobby (7)
Body size: medium (9)
Head shape: oval (9)
Ears: big, straight (14)
Nose: medium length (12)
Eyes: oval (7)
Eye colors: any
Coat: Any
Tail: short (bobtail) or none (tailless)
Legs: short (Munchkin)
Colors: Any

Current number of Ezra cats in game: [15]

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