Mon, 15 Apr 2024 05:11:59 -0800
Mon, 15 Apr 2024 05:11:59 -0800

Pure Felinity

Fairy Tiger

General: This magical breed of cats have been created by elven Sorcerers to be their pets... They are smart and playful cuddling companions, but they can change to full-size tigers to protect their friends !
Breed creator: player #36087
Date added: 2008-06-02
Body type: cobby (4)
Body size: large (20)
Head shape: round (1)
Ears: big, curled (15)
Nose: long (20)
Eyes: round (3)
Eye colors: any
Coat: shorthair or shorthair satin
Tail: normal
Legs: normal
Colors: All colors allowed except solid white. Must have mackerel tabby.

Current number of Fairy Tiger cats in game: [4]

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