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Pure Felinity


General: The Hamidin is a small breed of cat that was discovered in the Kalahari Desert. Its slight build and short fur allow it to stay as cool as possible, while its tabby pattern helps it remain hidden under the cover of bushes and long grass. Its small ear size helps to keep sand from damaging the delicate eardrum. Temperamentally, the Hamidin is a very affectionate breed of cat, although they do like to play rough. It should be noted that the plural of Hamidin is not Hamidins, but rather Hamidii.
Breed creator: player #61750
Date added: 2007-07-01
Body type: foreign (20)
Body size: small (1)
Head shape: rounded wedge (12)
Ears: small, straight (4)
Nose: medium length (11)
Eyes: almond-shaped (20)
Eye colors: any
Coat: shorthair or shorthair satin
Tail: normal
Legs: normal
Colors: Any tabby. No solid white, chinchilla, or shaded cats allowed.

Current number of Hamidin cats in game: [3]

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