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Pure Felinity

Kurilian Bobtail

General: The Kurilian Bobtail is native to the Kuril Islands, an archipelago that lies between Russia and Japan. In its natural habitat, this cat is known as an amazing hunter and swimmer, and is rumored to run in packs, like wolves. The breeds most distinctive feature is its short, pom-pom shaped tail. They are large cats with a wild appearance. However, this untamed look is not reflected in the breed's temperament. Kurilian Bobtails are affectionate, active, love human companionship and get along with other pets. Unlike other breeds, the father of a litter spends as much time tending to the kittens as the mother does. Special thanks to Meowy for inspiring me to create this breed on Pure Felinity.
Breed creator: player #85299
Date added: 2011-03-01
Body type: cobby (5)
Body size: medium (14)
Head shape: rounded wedge (11)
Ears: medium size, straight (8)
Nose: medium length (16)
Eyes: round (6)
Eye colors: yellow, yellow-green, green, blue
Coat: shorthair or longhair
Tail: bobtail
Legs: normal
Colors: Any black/blue, red/cream or solid white. Albino and ticked tabby not allowed. Everything else allowed.

Current number of Kurilian Bobtail cats in game: [43]

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