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Wed, 28 Feb 2024 12:07:50 -0800

Pure Felinity

Kutta Billi

General: The Kutta Billi or in proper plural form "the Kutti" or "Kutta Billis" are a curious breed. They are native to a small sheepherding island in which dogs were rare. To fill the niche, the poor shepherds that could not afford sheepdogs to protect their flocks began selectively breeding the largest, boldest barnyard cats with long wool-like fur. After many generations, the Kutti came to be: a large, brave cat that is rather doglike, and yet also capable of nearly blending into the flock as well.
Breed creator: player #70057
Date added: 2008-01-01
Body type: cobby (1)
Body size: large (19)
Head shape: oval (6)
Ears: large, curled folded (17)
Nose: medium length (16)
Eyes: round (2)
Eye colors: any
Coat: longhair LaPerm with OR without Rex I, II, III, and satin
Tail: any
Legs: any
Colors: must have bicolor, harlequin, or van, with or without ticked tabby, with or without silver/smoke, no points/mink/burmese, no shaded or chinchilla, no rufusing and ghostmarkings

Current number of Kutta Billi cats in game: [4]

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