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Pure Felinity


General: Record of a discoverer: It was a few years ago when I heard there was a town in Africa where the gods had descended to rule. At first, I paid little attention to that, such legends are common. However, the shaman of a local tribe told me he had seen the town. As an archaeologist, theres no way I can neglect such an opportunity. Together we traveled into the thickest jungle. Weeks passed before we could find anything of interest, but I will never forget what I saw then: The ruins consisted of a kind of crystal, which was, unfortunately, too hard to take any samples from it. After a few hours of investigating, I sensed something strange: Although the jungle was all around us, there where no animals, at least none one would expect in ruins, like monkeys or snakes. The reason was something that will keep my mind busy as long as I live. Without noticing, we had been surrounded. Not by aborigines like in bad films, but cats! Yes, I mean it my guide and I had been surrounded by dozens of aggressive looking, gray cats, seemingly waiting for a reason to attack. But then, another cat, looking much more peaceful and smaller (because her hair didnt stand up like a brush), appeared and just looked at us. The shaman went away as if told to do so. I, however, was shown around in the cats realm as a guest. They didnt speak, of course, but somehow managed to get their ideas across to me. They seemed to be very intelligent. I was still watched suspiciously by the more aggressive cats, while the others were really kind, some even wanted to be touched and cuddled all the time. I could hardly believe my eyes: The cats lived together as a group, which is unusual for cats. Furthermore, it seemed they had a division of work: Those not busy with hunting were trying to preserve what was left of the ruins, using their paws to prevent the jungle from recapturing the place. The aggressive ones were like guardians, they chased away any other animal. I didnt completely understand, but I marveled at the common purpose of them. Three days I spent with the cats. They showed me water and food and a place to sleep. Then I was led to a place where nine flat stones were arranged in a circle, and one in the middle. They made me stand on the stone in the middle, while nine cats jumped onto the other ones. I felt they were the strongest and oldest, maybe the wisest of the whole group, and I communicated with them in a way I cant explain. I was given a task: Because of the isolation, the blood of the group was weak. I was sent back home with twenty-four gray cats coming along, to find similar cats to breed with them and strengthen their blood. Of the ancient inscription at the hidden place I had been able to translate only one thing: Minbarie We are gray, and thus I called the breed I was about to create. I traveled and chose cats worthy to breed with my grays, but doing so, I decided to accept other colors to symbolize the endless possibilities of this world. I wondered if the ones I left behind could survive maybe not, but I was sure they knew their heritage will live on. If you choose to own a Minbarie, note that it is more likely theyll deign to honor you with their presence than the other way round. Apart from that, they prefer to live in groups, and some of them might not want to be touched, while others can be very friendly and caring. ---------------- A tribute to Babylon 5, the greatest SF-series ever.
Breed creator: player #95477
Date added: 2010-03-01
Body type: cobby (1)
Body size: medium (9)
Head shape: rounded wedge (12)
Ears: big, straight (15)
Nose: long (18)
Eyes: almond-shaped (20)
Eye colors: any
Coat: shorthair or longhair; satin allowed
Tail: normal
Legs: normal
Colors: Any colors and patterns except solid white, harlequin and van. No ghostmarkings and rufusing.

Current number of Minbarie cats in game: [47]

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