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Pure Felinity


General: The Mithul is among the most serene cat breeds. Originating from the Northern regions of India, these mystical cats, highly prized for their intelligence and sensitivity, were favoured by nobility and priests. A quiet, independent breed, the Mithul is ideal for people who are gone most of the day, belying the affectionate nature shown to their owners. With their silky coats and smooth contours, this is an elegant, graceful and generally low maintanence cat.
Breed creator: player #9136
Date added: 2006-03-18
Body type: semi-foreign (13)
Body size: medium (13)
Head shape: oval (8)
Ears: big, straight (14)
Nose: medium length (9)
Eyes: almond-shaped (17)
Eye colors: any
Coat: shorthair or longhair, satin
Tail: normal
Legs: normal
Colors: Black, chocolate, cinnamon, red and their dilutes in solid, siamese, burmese or mink. Bicolour and mitted allowed. Smoke allowed. No silver shaded, chinchilla, van, harlequin, tabby or white.

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