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Pure Felinity

Moon Dreamer

General: On the far side of the moon, there lives an ethereal species of cat, their coats made of starlight and dreams. They call themselves the Moon Dreamers, and they are led by Hjärta, the oldest and wisest of them all. Though they are happy in their hidden home, all Moon Dreamers long to be chosen for the greatest honour of all: being sent to Earth as the guardian of a human child. When the time of the Choosing arrives, hopeful young kittens stand in line with their coats gleaming and whiskers combed, watched proudly by the grown Moon Dreamers who have already had their time on Earth. As Hjärta walks slowly down the line, he gazes deeply into each kitten's eyes and, if that kitten is lucky, gives a gentle nod of approval. At this sign, destiny is set and the kitten is transported to Earth to meet its child. Upon arriving on Earth, the Moon Dreamer seeks out the child it has been chosen to guard and love, and as soon as the two set eyes on each other, an unbreakable bond forms. Both instantly know they were meant for each other, and from that moment on, they are each other's constant companions. The Moon Dreamer listens to the child's secrets and fantasies, shares the child's joys, wipes away tears with its gossamer fur, and at night it guards the child's sleep to ensure only the happiest dreams can visit. And when it is time and the child is grown, the Moon Dreamer returns to its lunar home to watch proudly over a new line of kittens, remembering with a contented purr all the times it shared with its own beloved human on the planet below.
Breed creator: player #133838 player #142353
Date added: 2012-09-01
Body type: semi-foreign (12)
Body size: medium (10)
Head shape: wedge-shaped (18)
Ears: medium size, any (9)
Nose: medium length (12)
Eyes: oval (9)
Eye colors: any
Coat: any
Tail: any
Legs: normal
Colors: any

Current number of Moon Dreamer cats in game: [34]

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