Tue, 27 Feb 2024 05:49:38 -0800
Tue, 27 Feb 2024 05:49:38 -0800

Pure Felinity

Orchid Cat

General: Unique and exotic as their namesake, the Orchid cat is rumored to have descended from the stars. Appearing after a meteor crashed to earth, they were discovered and taken in by Chinese royalty who prized them for their unusual appearance. With an unnerving intelligence combined with mischievous tendencies, Orchids are often causing trouble and leaving mayhem in their wake. Like their sisterbreed the Lotis cat, they are infamous for their spiteful nature, and are swift to avenge any offence paid to them. Orchids are very selective cats, and if they should decide to honor your house with their presence they are loyal companions that will fill your days with happiness.
Breed creator: player #41944
Date added: 2008-03-01
Body type: semi-foreign (12)
Body size: small (2)
Head shape: wedge-shaped (16)
Ears: large, straight (17)
Nose: very short (2)
Eyes: oval (7)
Eye colors: any
Coat: shorthair, shorthair satin
Tail: any
Legs: normal
Colors: All colors and patterns except ticked tabby

Current number of Orchid Cat cats in game: [33]

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