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Pure Felinity


General: This breed is dedicated to my real life Ragdoll cat, Finley... the best cat in the whole world. ❤️ The Ragbob was inspired by a bobtailed kitten named Rain, who accidentally showed up in a litter of Ragdolls. From there, I decided to develop this 'happy accident' into a new and unique breed. The Ragbob has the same traits as a Ragdoll, but with a bobtail. It also includes many additional colors, including sepia, cinnamon, and tortie. Ragbobs, like their Ragdoll relatives, are loyal and affectionate cats. Said by some to be very 'doglike,' they love to follow their owners around and be near them every moment of the day. They're also very intelligent, and can be taught to preform ticks. Ragbobs should be treated gently though, as they can be sensitive and easily frightened by new people. They are best suited to an indoor-only lifestyle, in a quiet home with people who treat them like the treasures they are. Special thanks to all the very kind members who made this breed possible; you all know who you are. Thank you so so much. :)
Breed creator: player #175047
Date added: 2021-04-01
Body type: cobby (2)
Body size: large (19)
Head shape: rounded wedge (13)
Ears: medium size, straight (9)
Nose: medium length (9)
Eyes: oval (11)
Eye colors: any
Coat: longhair
Tail: bobtail
Legs: normal
Colors: any

Current number of Ragbob cats in game: [14]

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