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Pure Felinity

Saqqara Mau

General: The Saqqara Mau is the feral cousin to the sacred Egyptian Mau. It is due to alleged sightings around the burial grounds of Saqqara, especially around Abwab el-Qotat (Doors of the Cats) that the breed takes its name. This fey breed is the sentinel of the underworld and rarely condescends to be a companion to mere humans. For those lucky chosen few, they make adoring and loyal guardians.
Breed creator: player #15594 player #18009 player #1223
Date added: 2006-05-10
Body type: semi-foreign (11)
Body size: medium (7)
Head shape: rounded wedge (11)
Ears: big, straight (13)
Nose: medium length (14)
Eyes: almond-shaped (16)
Eye colors: green, hazel, coffee
Coat: shorthair
Tail: normal
Legs: normal
Colors: Chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, or cream smoke with or without golden.

Current number of Saqqara Mau cats in game: [22]

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