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Pure Felinity

Skyborn Mink

General: When the first mining ships went into space, the astronauts smuggled their favorite breed, the Slinky Mink, along because they could not bear to leave them behind. This beautiful, intelligent, and friendly breed was a symbol to everyone on board of everything they had left behind. A symbol of the home they hoped to see again, if they could survive the difficulties of their task. Within a few generations of cats, however, something strange happened! Many of the kittens were being born with longhair, and some with munchkin legs as well. The munchkins were especially prized on the ships, since they could get into the tiniest places and hunt the pests that have followed humanity everywhere since the dawn of time. In fact, many speculate that without the action of these tiny space heroes, the mission might have been ruined by mice chewing through the ships' wiring and insulation. When the astronauts and miners returned to Earth triumphant, towing millions of tons of metals and uranics, they brought back their feline companions. The cats quickly aclimated to Earth's gravity, but the mutations made in space were permanent. Though they are still closely related to their cousins, the Slinky Minks, it was decided that the cats brought back from space were their own breed - the Skyborn Mink. The Skyborn Minks were born in space, and to space they returned. This hardy breed has accompanied the men and women who explore our solar system, galaxy, and eventually our universe. Instead of being a symbol of things left behind, the Skyborn Minks have become a symbol of exploration, adventure, and change.
Breed creator: player #30817
Date added: 2010-08-01
Body type: semi-foreign (13)
Body size: medium (7)
Head shape: rounded wedge (11)
Ears: medium size, straight (10)
Nose: medium length (10)
Eyes: oval (10)
Eye colors: any
Coat: longhair
Tail: normal
Legs: any
Colors: Any albino. Whitespotting, mitts and any form of silver not allowed.

Current number of Skyborn Mink cats in game: [3]

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