Tue, 27 Feb 2024 04:47:33 -0800
Tue, 27 Feb 2024 04:47:33 -0800

Pure Felinity


General: The Spyhops were named after my favorite marine animal, Orcas or otherwise known as killer whales. Spyhops are defined as when a whale rises and holds position partially out of the water. The Spyhops were founded after years of breeding Palace Cats and trying to get new blood from the Briar Roses, Ocicats and the Forestcat families, however odd traits would begin popping up that made my now named Spyhops mixies. Bred originally by Queen Caylie Ann (of whom this breed is also dedicated to), Spyhops are now found in most upper end homes and royal castles around the world. Spyhops are known to be very skittish, shy and withdrawn at first but overtime they are fiercely loyal, gentle and very social cats. Spyhops are known for their wide range of colors, patterns with its distinctive trademarks. I would like to thank Lyonene for finding PF; Zoey and Rona for keeping me motivated on creating the breed, Cagaran for the guidance on coloring and eyes for both Palace Cats and Spyhops and a bunch of people who Ive had the pleasure of crossing paths with over the course of 5 years.
Breed creator: player #61134
Date added: 2012-06-01
Body type: semi-foreign (14)
Body size: big (17)
Head shape: rounded wedge (11)
Ears: medium size, straight (6)
Nose: long (20)
Eyes: almond-shaped (18)
Eye colors: any
Coat: Shorthair or Longhair; Satin and Laperm allowed
Tail: normal
Legs: normal
Colors: Any with rufusing and whitespotting or mittens.

Current number of Spyhops cats in game: [5]

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