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Pure Felinity


General: The Thai cat is also known as Traditional Siamese, Applehead Siamese or Moderate Siamese. The breed was developed by people who didn't like the slim look of modern Siamese. Unfortunately, instead of using only Siamese cats for breeding, some breeders crossed in other breeds to get faster results. However, a side-effect was a deterioration of the coat color, eye color, coat quality and the loss of the unique character of Siamese/Oriental cats. Therefore, only Thais from lines without any outcrosses (purely from Siamese lines) are true Thais.
Body type: semi-foreign (15)
Body size: big (15)
Head shape: rounded wedge (12)
Ears: medium size, straight (10)
Nose: medium length (10)
Eyes: almond-shaped (15)
Eye colors: blue
Coat: shorthair, satin
Tail: normal
Legs: normal
Colors: all pointed colors; whitespotting and mittens not allowed; everything else allowed

Current number of Thai cats in game: [3]

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