Mon, 15 Apr 2024 03:18:48 -0800
Mon, 15 Apr 2024 03:18:48 -0800

Pure Felinity


General: There are a number of mythical tales surrounding the origins of the Toveurox, and why their tails are so short. The truth is that Toveurox cats originated on Sweet Tooth Island, a small island off the Texas coastline. However, the exact details of how these sweet, magical cats came to be is considered to be a royal secret on this wonderful island of confection.
Breed creator: player #20581
Date added: 2005-11-16
Body type: semi-cobby (9)
Body size: medium (12)
Head shape: round (3)
Ears: big, straight (12)
Nose: medium length (10)
Eyes: round (4)
Eye colors: any
Coat: any
Tail: bobtail or tailless
Legs: normal
Colors: all colors and patterns accepted

Current number of Toveurox cats in game: [11]

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