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Pure Felinity

Tybee Cat

General: The Tybee Cat breed was found on the exotic, beautiful, and historic Tybee Island located right outside of Savannah, Georgia in the United States. These cats were known for being ever color and hair length possible and were loved for their variety and extreme love of people. These cats were, and still are, taken on shrimp boats for good luck and companionship for the sailors. The cats were not permitted off the Island to preserve their rarity. These cats are said to cast a bad spell on you if you treat them badly or take them off their treasured island or the sea around it.
Breed creator: player #54272
Date added: 2006-07-31
Body type: semi-foreign (15)
Body size: medium (13)
Head shape: rounded wedge (13)
Ears: big, any (16)
Nose: short (6)
Eyes: almond-shaped (18)
Eye colors: any
Coat: any shorthair or longhair
Tail: normal
Legs: normal
Colors: all accepted

Current number of Tybee Cat cats in game: [7]

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