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Featured cat:
{~Mew~} Silver Summer Skies
mixed breed, lilac tortie silver mackerel tabby and white bicolor
Owner & breeder: Foxstar {~Mew~} Australianas, Mists and Tonks (#139175)

Welcome to Pure Felinity!

This is a cat simulation game where you can adopt, breed and show your own virtual cats.

Real cat breeds - and many new breeds added by players!
Real cat colors - thousands of possible combinations!
Real cat genetics - all traits are passed on to the offspring!

Create your virtual cattery and build your own line of Champions! Or pick up an exclusive but rare breed to increase its gene pool. Or specialize in a rare color. Or try to improve an already existing breed. Or cross two "mixies" and see what you get. Or create your own breed if you feel up to it. The possibilities are endless! Star accounts can even have game-generated pictures that will show exactly what a cat looks like.

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