Thu, 02 Feb 2023 03:45:38 -0800
Thu, 02 Feb 2023 03:45:38 -0800

Pure Felinity

Playing Pure Felinity is free. However, you can get additional privileges, features and other nifty things by exchanging PFP on the PFP exchange page. PFP initially have to be bought with real money, but can also be traded and sold in-game.

Payment options


You can send payments in Euro (€) or USD ($). If your local currency is any other than Euro, Paypal will convert it automatically for you! The USD prices are based on the current exchange rates (€1 = $1.12).

You can buy PFPoints for someone else by entering their UserID instead of yours, but remember it may be easier to buy them for yourself and then trade them in game later.

Note: If you want to send money through Paypal for multiple orders in a short time, please send it all at once, and not in several different payments, so that Paypal doesn't charge the transaction fee again! Remember you can trade PFP in game, so you don't have to buy for other players from here.

Minimum payment is €5.50 (=5 PFP)!

Buy with Paypal
1 PFP = € 1.10
$ 1.23


How many PFP?

Please remember: If you are not of legal age, you must get your parents' permission first before sending any money, or have them handle the transaction for you!

PFP are added instantly to your account after purchase, unless you use Paypal with a non-instant payment method such as e-check or bank transfer -- in this case, the PFP will be added automatically after the payment has cleared. This may take a few days.

Please remember that the Terms of Service still apply to you, even if you buy PFP! Your account can still be frozen or your access to Pure Felinity restricted if you violate the ToS. There is no guarantee that this site will exist forever (though we all hope). You cannot get your money refunded at any time, even if the site closes (which we all hope will never happen) or if your account is closed for violating the ToS.